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ACTO Mission:

Only Alzheimer's caregivers can truly understand the physical and emotional stress incurred by those who care for a memory impaired individual. Time out from this stress is necessary for this special caregiver's well-being, but the peace of mind is not complete unless the care given during this well-deserved time out is up to the standards held by the caregiver. ACTO provides the time out to caregivers and cares for the memory impaired clients.

At ACTO, our hearts go out to those special caregivers. ACTO is based on the belief that the emotional experiences of life never die, even in the individual with diminished mental reasoning and motor abilities. The ACTO program provides love, understanding, and fun that enhances an individual's enjoyment and a feeling of self-esteem. ACTO's standards ensure a real respite for caregivers during the time out it provides.

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